Where exclusive prints meet spring

Spring is coming and it’s time to update your closet with fresh, light, and colorful pieces. If you are a lover of nature and vibrant colors, you need to know the Machico online store, where exclusive prints meet spring.

At Machico, you will find shirts and scarves with exclusive prints, all handmade with great care and affection. Each piece is unique and inspired by the natural beauties of places like Hawaii, Tahiti, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Ilhabela, Galapagos, Maldives, and the Azores.

touch to your spring look by combining shirts and scarves with unique prints, here are som

Spring - Formentera Shirt

e tips to make you look great:


Combine different prints

Machico is known for its unique and vibrant prints. So one of the best ways to wear the store’s shirts and scarves is by combining different prints. Choose a shirt with a more discreet print and a scarf with a bolder print, for example. The result will be a cheerful look full of personality.

Spring - Machico Shirt



Choose complementary colors

Another important tip for combining Machico shirts and scarves is to choose complementary colors. For example, if you choose a shirt with a predominantly blue print, choose a scarf with orange or yellow details. The complementary colors will help highlight the prints and make your look even more interesting.

Spring - cape verde shirt



Balance the proportions

When it comes to matching shirts and scarves, it is important to pay attention to the proportions. If you choose a wider shirt, for example, choose a thinner scarf so as not to overload the look. On the other hand, if the shirt is tighter, a more voluminous scarf can be a good option to balance the proportions.

Spring - ilha bela scarf


Use the scarf in different ways

Besides wearing the scarf around the neck, you can also use it in other ways to create different and interesting looks. Try wearing it as a belt, tied around your handbag, or even as a hair accessory. The possibilities are many and you can create unique and exclusive looks.



tahiti shirt

Choose the right accessories

Finally, to complete your spring look with Machico shirts and scarves, choose the right accessories. A straw bag, a straw hat, or even a pair of earrings with natural elements can be great options to complement your look.

At Machico, you will find unique and exclusive products, made with great care and affection. The prints are inspired by the natural beauty of paradisiacal places around the world and are perfect to add a special touch to your spring closet. Don’t waste any more time and visit Machico’s online store right now to see all the options available.





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