Voluntourism in Hawaii

Explore the Voluntourism in Hawaii.

Do you have free time during the holidays and don’t know what to do? How long have you thought about giving more of yourself to others? There is a whole world of sustainable and supportive possibilities that you can do alone or with your family during your Hawaiian vacation. 

In recent years, tourists from all over the world have opted for volunteering even while enjoying the holidays, having for that the term: volunteering. It refers to an industry niche that allows travelers to combine vacations with volunteer activities aimed at the greater good. This type of initiative is taking place considerably across the world, with people becoming more aware and participating more in greener practices during the holidays.

In Hawaii, the Tourism Authority has created unique multi-hour partnerships that offer vacation bonuses, such as free rooms or discounted rates, to tourists who book hotels and go on non-profit activities.

This program is called Malama Hawaii, which in the native language means “to give back”.

The concept of this program is based on this ideology: “When you give back to the land, the ocean, the wildlife, the forest, the fishpond, the community, you’re part of a virtuous circle that enriches everything and everyone. Including your experience as a visitor.”

The aim of these types of initiatives is to ensure that this sustainability effort is not just a passing trend and that tourists arriving in their home countries maintain these proactive practices of protecting nature and its invaluable resources.

Voluntourism as a vehicle for sustainability shows us how this is a global strategy for social development. All citizens are encouraged to reflect on how they can do their part. Strengthening the culture and practice of volunteering means promoting citizen participation. Through it, each person can feel an active part of building a more socially just world, in a prosperous and sustainable environment.




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