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Why Machico ?

Machico shirts have an exclusive design and all patterns are hand-drawn.

We are a brand for those who want to make a difference, we are not a massified brand.

Each shirt takes you to a place in the world, to a journey. Your journey. All patterns are inspired by a specific location of our planet.

Both the fabrics printing and production are made in Portugal always in an ethical and fair way.

The fabric is 100% sustainable, a light and fluid fabric, 100% Viscose , from the LENZING brand recognized worldwide for complying with strict environmental standards in the production process of this fiber. We use 100% Organic cotton in our sweatshirts.

We use wooden buttons, we say no to plastic.

You are adventurous, explorer, creative, fun, you like life, you are a nature lover, summer, sea, surf, wind surf, kitesurf, you like to sail, or simply you are who you are and you make your choices consciously. Then come aboard with us and choose your destination.



And we had the opportunity to talk a bit about our shirts to major digital portals, including NITNotícias ao minuto and Jornal Minuto da Madeira. It was a pride to show a little of our concept and verify the identification with our customers.