This project was born in 2022 inspired by what Daniela and Vitor like to do most in life – travel.

Machico is more than a shirt brand, it is a conscious lifestyle that seeks to make a difference in what it does. We love nature and we want a unique experience for all those who will choose to travel with Machico.

We chose the name Machico, because we wanted our brand to be named after a beach on a Portuguese island. Machico is a beach on Madeira Island, known as the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, it was the first option and we soon thought that this would be the ideal name to start our trip.

Wearing a Machico shirt is embarking on a journey, where the destination will always be an island somewhere in the planet’s ocean.

Each shirt is named after an island. All patterns are inspired by the elements of nature on this island.

Island is synonymous with exclusive, authentic and that is why we design our patterns by hand with pastel pencils and when producing in Portugal in an ethical way and only with 100% sustainable Viscose fabric – Ecovero. We use 100% Organic cotton in our sweatshirts.

We are not a mass consumption brand, we are a brand for those who want to make a difference.

With an adventurous and exploring spirit, we challenge what is most common to do in fashion and make a difference using unique author designs and cores, where each shirt has a story behind its creation.

Our productions are limited. Our focus is on quality throughout the process, from the product idea to the experience of each one with the brand. We are always there.

Embark on this adventure. Travel with Machico.



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