Maldives Shirt


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Create your own fashion. Wear the Maldives shirt in your own way, any time of the year. Exclusive hand-drawn pattern. Each shirt is unique. Produced in the North of Portugal.

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Maldives Shirt

Celebrate love and sustainability with our enchanting Maldives Shirt, inspired by the captivating Hawaiian style. The features a mesmerizing geometric pattern, drawing inspiration from the serene colors of the Maldives sea and its vibrant corals.

Crafted from 100% Viscose Ecovero, our Maldives Shirt embodies our commitment to sustainable fashion. Each shirt showcases an exclusive hand-drawn pattern, ensuring a unique and artistic masterpiece, making it a limited edition garment.

  • 100% Sustainable Fabric. 100% Viscose Ecovero. EcoVero Logo
  • Exclusive hand-drawn pattern. Each shirt is unique.
  • Fabric printing made in Portugal.
  • Produced in Portugal.
  • Light and fluid fabric.
  • Wooden buttons.
  • Limited Edition.

Indulge in the lightweight and fluid fabric, offering you and your partner comfort and style throughout the year. The wooden buttons add a touch of natural elegance, symbolizing the island’s essence.

Create your own fashion statement, wearing the Shirt in your own unique way, celebrating love and togetherness, immersed in the spirit of surf, paradise, sea, and coral.