Galapagos Shirt Special Edition


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Create your own fashion. Wear the  in your own way, any time of the year. Exclusive hand-drawn pattern. Each shirt is unique. Produced in the North of Portugal.

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Galapagos Shirt Special Edition

Embark on a virtual journey to Galapagos with our captivating Galapagos Shirt Special Edition, inspired by the alluring Hawaiian style. The shirt features an enchanting pattern inspired by the majestic turtles of the Galapagos island, renowned worldwide for sheltering the largest variety of turtle species. Buy this unisex shirt with a unique print online!

Crafted with sustainability in mind, is made from 100% Viscose Ecovero, a renewable fabric that embraces eco-consciousness. Each shirt boasts an exclusive hand-drawn pattern, making it a limited edition piece of art, as unique as the Galapagos itself.

  • 100% Sustainable Fabric. 100% Viscose Ecovero. EcoVero Logo
  • Exclusive hand-drawn pattern. Each shirt is unique.
  • Fabric printing made in Portugal.
  • Produced in Portugal.
  • Light and fluid fabric.
  • Wooden buttons.
  • Limited Edition.

Indulge in the lightweight and fluid fabric, offering exceptional comfort for year-round wear. The shirt’s wooden buttons add a touch of natural elegance, symbolizing the island’s nature-inspired charm. The is designed to be a versatile and unisex product, crafted for everyone who appreciates exclusive and sustainable fashion. Embrace the essence of Galapagos with this exceptional addition to your wardrobe.