Formentera Shirt


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Create your own fashion. Wear the Formentera shirt in your own way, any time of the year. Exclusive hand-drawn pattern. Each shirt is unique. Produced in the North of Portugal.

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Formentera Shirt

Transport yourself to the picturesque island of Formentera with our stunning Formentera Shirt, inspired by the enchanting Hawaiian style. The shirt showcases a captivating pattern with strong colors, radiating joy, sea, and beach vibes, reflecting the authenticity of the island. Embrace the essence of Formentera with this Mediterranean gem, a part of the Balearic Islands. Discover the simplicity and convenience of buying a shirt with a unique print online!

Crafted with sustainability as a core value, the Formentera Shirt is made from 100% Viscose Ecovero, a renewable fabric that echoes our commitment to eco-consciousness. Each shirt boasts an exclusive hand-drawn pattern, making it a limited edition masterpiece.

  • 100% Sustainable Fabric. 100% Viscose Ecovero. EcoVero Logo
  • Exclusive hand-drawn pattern. Each shirt is unique.
  • Fabric printing made in Portugal.
  • Produced in Portugal.
  • Light and fluid fabric.
  • Wooden buttons.
  • Limited Edition.

Indulge in the lightweight and fluid fabric, designed for your comfort and style throughout the year. The shirt’s wooden buttons add a touch of natural elegance, symbolizing the island’s laid-back charm.

Embrace the freedom to create your own fashion statement, wearing the Formentera Shirt on any occasion, any time of the year. Be a part of this exclusive fashion journey, celebrating the authentic beauty of Formentera.