Madeira at the forefront of Conscious Tourism

Economy and sustainability are two inseparable concepts, especially in regions such as the Madeira archipelago, where environmental quality is a differentiating factor from other tourist destinations.

In recent years, the so-called pearl of the Atlantic, elected the Best Island Destination in the World, has been developing several projects that focus on preserving the culture, natural resources and landscapes that we are passionate about through the adoption of sustainable practices. With this type of initiative, the archipelago is increasingly positioned as a reference destination in this area.

Examples of this type of initiative are the Reserva das Ilhas Desertas, the Laurissilva Forest and the Levadas of Madeira. These projects are linked to the conservation policy of the region, where more than three quarters of the land area of ​​the Madeira archipelago and 85% of its sea are protected.

However, Madeira’s efforts are not limited to nature conservation, the archipelago is also focused on combating climate change and adapting the territory to the needs of the population, investing in the use of renewable, hydro, photovoltaic and wind energy.

The conscious use of natural resources, the creation of environmentally responsible tourist services, the implementation of green technologies in hotels and other companies in the sector, the treatment of waste, the ecological production of goods and the reuse of goods and energy are also some of the issues that the region has been more concerned with addressing.

The path towards the sustainability of tourist destinations such as Madeira is, increasingly, an imperative that pleases everyone and the actions carried out in this archipelago are fundamental to change the mentality of the populations, in particular of the new generations, more aware of the impacts of their actions and opportunities for improvement. Thus achieving sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.




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