Father’s Day with exclusive surprises

Father’s Day on March 19 is a very important date to honor the one who has given us love and care throughout our lives, celebrating the real-life examples and heroes. It’s a time to celebrate the father figure and remember the importance that this person has in our lives. For those who are looking for a special gift for Father’s Day, Machico is an excellent option. Our online store offers shirts with exclusive prints inspired by the natural beauty of different places in the world. If you are looking for a unique and special gift for Father’s Day, check out our suggestions below.

Exclusive prints inspired by natural beauty

Machico is an online store that aims to offer shirts with exclusive prints inspired by the natural beauty of different places in the world. This means that each shirt has a unique print, which makes the gift even more special.
Our patterns are inspired in places like Machico, Hawaii, Tahiti, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Ilhabela, Galapagos, Maldives and Azores. Each pattern is created with great care and affection, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each place. Our pieces are perfect for parents who love nature and like to dress in style and sophistication. Machico shirts can be worn on both formal and casual occasions.


Father's Day


Special Offers

Take advantage of our special offers for Father’s Day. We have discounts on shirts and other pieces that are perfect for giving your father on this special day. Also, be sure to participate in our Giveway through our newsletter, where every registered e-mail entitles you to a shirt with an exclusive print of Machico. It’s a great opportunity to win a unique, handmade piece to give to your father on this special day.

Great Gift

Besides the exclusive prints, Machico’s shirts are known for their quality. All our shirts are made with high quality fabrics, which makes them very comfortable and durable.

Machico offers a wide variety of items besides shirts. We have sweatshirts, ideal for the colder days, and scarfs that are perfect for adding a special touch to your look. All our products are made in Portugal, with our seal of excellence.

This is an opportunity to show all the love and gratitude we feel for our fathers, and giving them a creative and remarkable gift can make their day even more special. Machico’s exclusive shirts are a unique and differentiated option for our great heroes.




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