Discover Maldives

The Maldives is a breathtaking collection of 1,192 coral islands, sporting beautiful beaches and dreamy resorts. The natural beauty, coupled with the tropical climate, makes the Maldives one of the most sought after tourist destinations, especially for honeymoons and anniversaries.

What to know before traveling to the Maldives:

  • Best time to travel

If you want to experience the Maldives at its famous “sunny tropical paradise” best, then you should plan your visit in the months between November and April.

  • Precautions to take

Since the Maldives is a Muslim country you can’t bring idols of worship, religious books, pork and pork products, or alcohol. If you are traveling to main islands like Malé (the capital), there are also strict rules about alcohol and the types of clothing that women can wear. However, when on the tourist islands, you are free from these restrictions.

  • Length of stay

Usually 4 to 5 days is enough to explore the major places. Of course, depending on the kind of activities you’re planning to do, this might change.

  • Means of transportation

Within the islands there are several modes of transportation, including taxis, bus services, and cycling. However, due to the large amount of islands to explore, you’ll most likely be traveling between them. To do this, you can opt for ferries, speedboats, yachts, the traditional maldivian “dhoni”, or if you’re really in a hurry, even seaplanes.

  • Local food

While visiting the Maldives you’ll have the pleasure of indulging in spicy fish curries, fish soups, fried yams, reef fish cutlets, cassava and coconut cakes as well as diverse and exotic drinks. You’ll surely be as delighted by the cuisine as you will by the beaches!


Top things to see and do in the Maldives:


  • Scuba diving

The water in the Maldives isn’t just beautiful on the surface. Underwater you’ll find absolutely magical and colorful coral reefs, and a diverse marine life. As such, if you’re into scuba diving, you’ll have plenty to see.

  • Hurawalhi Island Resort

This one is not for a budget trip. However, if you’re willing to spend the money, you’ll be greeted into a beautiful and luxurious resort, and have the opportunity to eat at the incredible all-glass underwater restaurant.

  • Scenic flights of the islands

By going on one of these scenic flights, you’ll be able to take in the beauty of the islands and the surrounding crystal blue waters from above, all at once.

  • Malé

The capital of the Maldives has a lot to see as well, including the National Museum, the Sultan Park and the bustling Malé Fish Market.

  • Beaches

Of course, one of the main attractions of the Maldives are its beaches. With smooth white sands, crystal clear blue waters, and beautiful palm trees, these beaches are made for a perfect day in paradise.




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