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Formed by 58 islands, the Galapagos archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean, about a thousand kilometers off the coast of South America, and is part of Ecuador.

The Galapagos Islands are undoubtedly one of the greatest reservoirs of life on the planet. More than that, due to their isolation, they have created unique conditions for dozens of species to evolve in a unique way.

Therefore, for ecotourism, the Galapagos Islands are a true sanctuary on earth due to the enormous diversity of fauna and flora found in the archipelago.

The scenery of paradisiacal beaches, still active volcanoes and attractions that tell the history and relevance of the place are still an invitation to tourists from all over the world.

What to know before traveling to Galapagos:

  • Environmental rules must be followed

As we saw earlier, the Galapagos is a sanctuary for biodiversity, so it is necessary to follow several environmental rules to protect the archipelago. 

  • When to travel

The weather is characterized by sudden changes throughout the day. There are two seasons (rainy and dry), but with great climatic diversity. Precipitation is most abundant between July and August. The season between September and December is the one with the least rainfall.

  • Embarking on a cruise

Cruises are said to be the best way to see the Galapagos Islands, but also the most expensive. Cruises allow you to travel further, to more remote destinations and discover more islands.

  • Fauna goes beyond the Galapagos tortoise

Anyone who thinks that the fauna of the Galapagos stands out just because of these large animals is wrong.

There are also several other exotic species with unique characteristics such as brightly colored birds, blue and red-footed boobies, albatrosses and many more.

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Top things to see and do in Galapagos:


  1. Santa Cruz Island

This is usually the first stop for tourists in the Galapagos. This island has the best infrastructure to receive those who want to stay there. With its privileged location it is possible to have easy access to any side of the group of islands.

  1. Sangay National Park

With about 272,000 hectares of remote and almost inaccessible jungle, in this park you can find a great variety of exotic animals and a great diversity of flora.

  1. Charles Darwin Science Station

Learn about the animals of the Galapagos and see some of them, most notably the giant tortoises.

  1. South Plaza Island

It is the ideal island for tourists to witness a spectacle provided only by the flora of the Galapagos, which at certain times of the year changes color to shades of red.

  1. Isabela Island volcanoes

On the island, there are six active volcanoes. It is possible to take a hike to the crater of one of them, the Sierra Negra Volcano, which has the second largest crater among volcanoes in the world.


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