Advantages of wearing sustainable clothing

Sustainability has been an increasingly recurring theme in our lives. After all, it is necessary to discuss and optimize the practices that allow our subsistence for a longer period on the planet. Learn about the advantages of wearing sustainable clothing.

Sustainable fashion, which was previously considered just a market trend, is now consolidating and gaining space within the fashion world. As a definition, this concept translates the idea of ​​reducing pollutants in the production of clothes, shoes and accessories in general, so as not to impact the planet and the environment.

In this post, we tell you 5 advantages of wearing sustainable clothing for conscious consumption.

Advantages of wearing sustainable clothing

1- Reduction of the pollution from the textile industry

The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, being a large producer of waste and producer of toxic particles or gasses.

Therefore, for there to be sustainability, sustainable fashion must prioritize respect for natural resources, animals and society in all its stages.

2- Decrease in the amount of waste generated

In addition to its great social and environmental importance, sustainable fashion helps to reduce waste during the production process, as a large part of this waste is reused to produce new products.

3- Combating labor exploitation

Sustainability applied to fashion proposes a more socialized production, without exploitation of labor, always taking into account fair remuneration.

4- Valuing local businesses

Another benefit of sustainable fashion is to value local production and work. This production chain drives the national economy, generates jobs, helps local farmers and encourages the production of usable raw materials.

5- Alteration of the means of production

One of the strengths of sustainable fashion is offering innovative products, as most manufactured items can be reused or recycled, which eliminates the need to extract materials from nature with no return.

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