4 tips to save energy this Christmas

Christmas lighting at home can be energy intensive, especially if used in moderation. This year, more than ever, with rising energy prices and pollution caused by the energy sector, it is important to find ways to save on energy consumption, especially with Christmas lights. See the 4 tips to save energy this Christmas!


4 tips to save energy this Christmas


Replace Christmas lights with LEDs

Adopting LED lights for your Christmas lighting may entail a higher initial cost compared to traditional lights, however, it can pay off due to its lower energy consumption. Therefore, swapping to LED bulbs to light up your Christmas decor this year can represent significant savings on your electricity bill.

Don’t keep the lights on all the time.

In order not to waste energy 24 hours a day, try to organize a time to turn on and off the Christmas lights. Try to be strict and stick to that schedule. Leaving the lights on all night or day will have an unwanted effect on your electricity bill at the end of the month.

Use smart plugs or timers

To be able to strictly comply with our last tip, the ideal is to buy smart sockets or timers. These two pieces of equipment can help you program specific times when the lights should automatically turn on and off. Thus, you guarantee that the previously defined schedules will be fulfilled and that you will not have unnecessary expenses or surprises in the monthly bill.

Decorations without lights

If your desire is to completely reduce energy costs this Christmas, you can replace traditional lighting with other decorative embellishments. You can choose to decorate your home with lots of Christmas glittering elements that can be equally eye-catching and fill your home with the Christmas spirit.




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